Tulip Skirt

Who knew the secret to making skirts stay up was elastic? Was it everyone? Because I just found out while remaking my Scrap Yarn Pencil Skirt. This is an update of a pretty recent pattern, but I still only had pictures and the blog post to work with. One reason I take so many pictures […]

Another Cardigan

The only downside to my stash yarn cardigans is the stash yarn. Some of it’s itchy, the gauge isn’t consistent, the colors aren’t what I buy for my wardrobe anymore… So I made another one with all new yarn.

Siegfried Vest

Mom’s been watching the remake of All Creatures Great and Small and asked me for another vest by texting me this picture of Siegfried: I spent a significant chunk of my childhood watching the car from the original All Creatures Great and Small drive backward by playing our VHS tapes in reverse, so I’m pretty […]

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