Weaving in Tails; Why is it so Daunting?

I was looking through my knitting corner of shame (previously the closet of failure), and found the sweater I was working on last Fall. I thought it would be half finished, but actually I did everything but weave in the tails. It has a neckline and everything, but I left it abandoned on top of socks without mates, halves of scarves, and a sock puppet of Mahna Mahna, rather than take the time to weave in the tails. I don’t know what is so daunting about the task of weaving in tails. Especially compared to the time I put into actually knitting the sweater. Now that I’ve found it, I feel obligated to finally finish it. 
Maybe I can wear it with the tails. Do you think anyone will think it’s a look I’m going for?

4 responses to “Weaving in Tails; Why is it so Daunting?”

  1. Gorgeous Jumper!
    I have always resented weaving in ends, although I am getting better with it now. I think my brain goes 'how dare I have to do something to complete this crocheted thing that isn't crocheting!!!'
    Plus one of my early projects was a shawl, for which the pattern contained about 20 square motifs, only I decided to do it in teensy little 2ply wool, so by the time it was big enough to be anything wearable I had made over a hundred squares! AND very stupidly left ALL the end weaving to last!!!
    That sent me very quickly down the road of only ever crocheting things that were made in one piece hahaha.
    I have overcome that now though too 🙂
    Oh, and I just remembered I have a pic of that shawl wrapped around a goat on my about page!
    here it is if you fancy a look 🙂


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Lianne! You have a good point. I think the non knitting/crocheting element of weaving in the tails probably has something to do with it. And I'm very impressed with your dedication to that shawl. 🙂


  3. Thanks, I was so naive I actually started it on the way to a wedding (10hr journey) hoping to wear it there HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think it took me about 3 years in the end but it is possibly my favourite thing that I've made so EVER 🙂
    I just looked closer (didn't really look at your pattern before as i don't knit) and saw that you are only 16 and now I'm even more impressed. Can't wait to see you making lots of money for your beautiful work


  4. I don't know if I'd call that naive. Maybe just adorably optimistic 🙂

    Aw, thanks Lianne! That's really sweet! I followed the link you posted and checked out your blog. You crochet beautifully!


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