Layering Tank

I don’t usually knit much in the summer. Party because I live in Georgia and the heat and humidity create a small swamp wherever I set my hundreds of yards of wool – and partly because of my summer association with lacework. I have a prejudice against lacework that goes back 15 years to my sister learning to knit. She carved out a niche for herself pretty quickly as the delicate knitter – small gauges, delicate patterns, and lots and lots of lacework. I stuck to my chunky worsted finger puppets, avoiding anything I considered fiddly. But, I ordered a cute strappy tank top online to pair with some boyfriend jeans, and when it was tragically refunded I figured I make the top anyway.

For once, running out of yarn wasn’t as issue. I bought this Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in pink and blue in 2013 when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. And while I recovered, I bought and bought and bought it again to fund drugged projects I eventually frogged. But, waste not want not.

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