Deco Wave Pullover

Oops, I did it again. “It” meaning knit a sweater that’s a cross between a tennis player from 1922 and a babysitter from 1985.

There was definitely a resurgence of some 1920s styles in the 1980s. I’m basing most of this on the dress my mom wore to her rehearsal dinner in 1989 – cobalt blue with a ruffled drop waist. I’ve shown my work below, specific to vintage sweaters I’ve seen on Pinterest:

Crazy PatternsYesYesYes
ColorSepia, I imagineBrightBright
Gauge DelicateChunkyChunky
My in-depth research into vintage fashion

I like to think I’ve chosen the best of both eras. The full pattern is available on Ravelry for anyone that wants to further my research.

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