60 Quick Luxury Knits

Diamond Lattice Scarf by Leila Jacob  from 60 Quick Luxury Knits, published by Sixth&Spring Books. Photography by Jack Deutsch and text copyright © 2014 by Sixth&Spring Books. Used by permission. 60 Quick Luxury Knits comes out in August, and features one of my patterns! Well, I say features, really includes. Very likely coming to a bookstore near you!

Doctor Who Scarf

I’ve been wanting to knit Tom Baker’s classic scarf ever since I learned there were doctors before Christopher Eccleston, but I wanted to do it right, and I couldn’t justify spending that much for yarn. Until recently, when a family friend commissioned one for her husband’s anniversary present. The pattern I followed can be foundContinue reading “Doctor Who Scarf”

“No, Seriously, One Skein” Circle Scarf Pattern

This is the once-beautiful skein of ultra-soft yarn that resided at the bottom of a yarn stash for an undetermined amount of time with no tag to indicate yardage, dye lot, company name, or anything else indicative of where to go to buy more, how long ago it was made, or how much there is.Continue reading ““No, Seriously, One Skein” Circle Scarf Pattern”

Fair Isle Christmas Stocking

Abbreviation Guide MC- main color CC- contrast color K2tog- knit two together P2tog- purl two together Kf&b- knit front and back SSK- slip, slip, knit ST- stockinette st SH- stitch holder Materials Needles – Size 3 DPNs Yarn – Light Green Encore Worsted (MC) Black Encore Worsted (CC1) Forrest Green Encore Worsted (CC2) Light BlueContinue reading “Fair Isle Christmas Stocking”

Completion is a Pretty Nice Change

I actually finished my sweater. Here it is, free of loose ends and finally wearable.   I’m pretty proud of it. It’s not perfect, but I think I can look past its flaws and actually wear and enjoy it. Seven years ago, when I was just starting to knit, I would look at sweaters andContinue reading “Completion is a Pretty Nice Change”

Weaving in Tails; Why is it so Daunting?

I was looking through my knitting corner of shame (previously the closet of failure), and found the sweater I was working on last Fall. I thought it would be half finished, but actually I did everything but weave in the tails. It has a neckline and everything, but I left it abandoned on top ofContinue reading “Weaving in Tails; Why is it so Daunting?”

Short-Sleeved Striped Sweater

Abbreviation guide: MC- main color CC- contrast color CO- cast on BO- bind off P- purl K- knit K2tog- knit two together P2tog- purl two together Kf&b- knit front and back SSK- slip, slip, knit ST- stockinette st st- stitch CN- cable needle SH- stitch holder H2F- hold to front H2B- hold to back Sl- slipContinue reading “Short-Sleeved Striped Sweater”